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2001: a space oddessy, a clockwork orange, a.d.d., adicts, agnostic front, alex, alternative tentacles, american dream dropouts, anarchy, angelic upstarts, anti-nowhere league, antiracist, arthur guinness, aus rotten, austin texas, austins local music scene, austins scene, black flag, blood or whiskey, bones de large, boots, captain oi!, casualties, charged, charged g.b.h., cheap sex, clans, clit 45, conflict, dead kennedys, defiance, devotchkas, dkm, dr strangelove, drinking, driving caps, dropkick murphys, eire, erin, exploited, film, flogging molly, fugazi, full metal jacket, funeral dress, g.b.h., gaelic, garage 34, garage thirty four, garage34, george killian, guinness, guinness extra stout, helen of oi!, illinois, ireland, irish, irish drinking songs, irish folklore, irish gaelic, irish girls, irish heritage, irish music, irish people, irish punk rock, irish rugby, irish soccer, johnny cash, jorge, kilts, lcb, learning gaelic, lint, local music, lorena, lower class brats, manchester united, mandolin, mikhail bakunin, minor threat, miokap, misfits, mohawks, noam chomsky, oi, oi!, old main drag, old school punk, oxymoron, pogues, politics, pound 4 pound, punk, punk core, punk shows, punx, ramones, rare auld times, rocky horror picture show, rose clan, rugby, scally caps, scenes, scottish gaelic, sham 69, shamrock n roll, shane macgowan, skinheads, skins, soccer, spazm 151, spfld, springfield, springfields local music scene, springfields scene, stanley kubrick, stiff little fingers, texas, the bagpipes, the blood brothers, the business, the casualties, the destructo-fux, the nipple erectors, the nips, the pogues, the real mckenzies, the stap-onz, the waco scene, tx, unseen, varukers, virus, waco, wacos local music scene, wacos scene, well inside out, whiskey, wio, youth movement overkill